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SAS Business Intelligence Course Content:
This course addresses 1. SAS Data Integration Studio, 2. SAS Data Quality Solution, 3. SAS Management Console, 4. SAS Intelligence Platform. 5. SAS Information Delivery Portal 6. SAS Web report Studio 7. SAS OLAP Studio 8. SAS enterprise Guide Note : any one database Connectivity is must ex: oracle MS Sql, or any ERP data Prerequisites the SAS programming language SQL Knowledge data modeling concepts Any reporting tool conceptual Idea Using SAS Data Integration Studio to Build Data Marts Chapter-1 Overview of SAS 9 Business Intelligence Platform and SAS Data Integration Study Business Intelligence overview Business Intelligence Information Consumers navigating in SAS Data Integration Studio Chapter-2 Working Under Change Management What is change management? repository types using change management Chapter-3 Designing the Data Mart planning a data warehouse course data for the Orion Star company Orion Star data models Chapter-4 Building a Data Mart review of the case study defining the source data defining the target tables loading the target tables Chapter-5 Administering SAS Data Integration Studio setup tasks for SAS Data Integration Studio setting up change management security planning and implementation (self-study) II. Creating and Exploiting OLAP Using the SAS System Chapter 6 introduction to Online Analytical Processing overview of SAS OLAP Cube Studio registering metadata Chapter-7 Working with SAS OLAP Cubes Derived from Detail Tables creating a SAS OLAP Cube from a detail table generating aggregations using cross- dimensional tuning setting permissions using SAS Management Console viewing a SAS OLAP cube with SAS Enterprise Guide Chapter-8 Working with SAS OLAP Cubes Derived from Star Sachems creating a SAS OLAP cube from a star schema viewing a SAS OLAP cube with SAS Web OLAP Viewer for JAVA Chapter-9 Monitoring and Tuning a SAS OLAP Cube using Application Response Measurement (ARM) for tuning building an information map from a SAS OLAP cube creating a report with SAS Web Report Studio III. Accessing SAS from Microsoft Office Applications Chapter-10 overview of the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office introduction to the course data introduction to the course scenarios Chapter-11 Exploring the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office using the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Excel using the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint using the SAS Add-In to publish documents (self-study) Chapter-12 Inserting SAS Data into Microsoft Excel SAS data set concepts and terminology using SAS data sources with Microsoft Excel using SAS data sources in PivotTables Chapter-13 Analyzing Data with SAS Tasks in Microsoft Office overview of SAS tasks list data task one-way frequencies task table analysis task summary table task bar chart task Chapter-14 Using the SAS Information Delivery Portal overview of the SAS Information Delivery Portal navigating the SAS Information Delivery Portal changing portal preferences Chapter-15 Interacting with Reports introduction to reports using SAS reports using SAS stored processes Chapter16 Interacting with Data accessing data in the SAS Information Delivery Portal using relational SAS Information Maps using Multidimensional SAS Information Maps

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