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Supply Network Planning Online Training

Course Content:
Unit 1: Overview of Supply Network Planning Supply Chain Modeling Unit 2: Master Data and Transaction Data in SNP Working with Master Data SCM Product Master SCM Resource Master Introducing the Production Process Model Introducing Quota Arrangements Transactional Data used in Supply Network Planning Unit 3: SNP Configuration Planning Areas Planning Books Macros and Alerts Navigation in the Planning Table Unit 4: The Supply Network Planning Heuristic SNP Heuristic Run Capacity Check and Leveling Planning Supplier Constraints using the SNP Heuristic SNP Heuristic Scheduling Aggregated Planning Unit 5: SNP Run Using Capable to Match Capable-to-Match Process Descriptive Characteristics in CTM Alternative PPM’s in CTM Finite Supplier Planning in CTM Relaxing Constraints to find a solution CTM integration with GATP Unit 6: Optimization in Supply Network Planning Optimization Process Optimizer Costs Profiles Used by the Optimizer Parameters of the Optimization Run Comparing SNP Planning Methods Unit 7: Interchangeability Product Interchangeability Unit 8: Safety Stock Planning Safety Stock Planning in SNP Unit 9: Deployment and the Transport Load Builder Basics of Deployment Transport Load Builder Unit 10: Time Series Propagation Time Series Propagation

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