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SAP BASIS Online Training

SAP BASIS Online Training Course Content:
SAP Net Weaver and Enterprise Services Architecture mySAP Business Suite and mySAP ERP Definition of SAP Net Weaver The SAP Release Strategy SAP Net Weaver architecture and Overview Basics What Is an SAP System? Process of a System Logon Configuring SAP Logon Advanced Navigation in the SAP GUI Analysis Transactions Planning the Installation of SAP ERP Planning and the preparation for Installation Installation on Windows Installation on UNIX Installing and Patching Oracle Database Software Central Instance Installation Database Instance Installation Dialog Instance Installation Troubleshooting Installation Problems and Post-Installation Activities SAP GUI Installation Starting and Stopping the SAP System System Start Process Log tracing techniques in SAP and OS System Shutdown and Startup process and analysis Starting and Stopping SAP under Windows and UNIX Operating Systems Database Logs The System Kernel Architecture of the SAP Web Application Server Dispatcher Process Work process Architecture Different types of work process and their importance Dialog Processing in the SAP System Communication with the Database SAP Transactions System Monitoring Various Monitoring Techniques and Tcodes Monitoring Architecture Remote Systems Monitoring Techniques Creating Own Monitoring methods Maintains of Variants and Threshold Values Scheduling and Monitoring Background Tasks Fundamentals of Background Processing Various types of Background Jobs SAP Spool Administration Overview of spool process Configure and Troubleshoot SAP Printers System Configuration Techniques How the System Evaluates its Parameters How to Set System Parameters Setting up Operation Modes Transport Management in ABAP The Transport Process Imports Using TMS Monitoring Tools Transport Directory Structure and Files tp, the Transport Control Program Import Process Troubleshooting Transports Cleaning Up the Transport Directory Transports Performing and Checking CCMS System Monitoring with CCMS Maintaining Profiles and Operation Modes Managing Alerts Client Administration Client Copy and Transport Tools Client Compare and Maintenance Tools Implementing Patches, Support Packages, Plug-Ins, and Add-Ons How to download the patches and applying Patches, Support Packages Importing Support Packages Importing SAP Notes Tools for SAP System Administration Daily Tasks in System Management SAP Service Marketplace SAP Developer Network Setting Up Remote Connections Fundamentals and Types of RFC Setting Up RFC Connections Security Administration User Administration Concept Authorization Concept Login Parameters and User Info Advanced User Administration Topics Performance Monitoring, Tuning and Trouble shooting Workload Analysis Performance Analysis Monitors SAP Memory Management Hardware Capacity Verification Expensive SQL Statements SAP Table Buffering RFC Monitoring Introduction to System Security Printers in SAP Systems Structured Troubleshooting Advanced User Administration Topics SAP Database Administration Database Introduction Database Backup, Restore and Recovery Tape Management Space Management Monitors and Tools Database Reorganization Sap Database Administration using SAPDBA, BRTools and BRGUI Homogeneous and Heterogeneous System copy

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