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Oracle Pl/Sql Online Training

SQL & PL SQL SQL •The Oracle database environment Reviewing basic architecture concepts, Oracle 10g Architecture, Main features of 9i and 10g •Basic SELECT Statement Writing the statement in sqlplus, Running the SELECT statements •Ordering the output Single Column, Descending order, Multiple column sort •Conditional retrieval of data Working with complex conditions, AND OR NOT ,,,, LIKE BETWEEN • Pseudo columns and functions Pseudo Columns, Rownum, Sysdate, User & UID, the Dual Table •Working with character functions UPPER, LOWER, INITCAP, RPAD(), TRIM(), SUBSTR(), INSTR(), TRANSLATE(), REPLACE(), GREATEST(), LEAST(), •Working with date functions TO_CHAR(), TO_DATE(), MONTHS_BETWEEN(), ADD_MONTHS(), LAST_DAY(), NEXT_DAY() •Using non-character function ROUND(), TRUNC(), SIGN(), Working with multiple tables, •Different type of Joins, Writing Outer Joins •Using the SET operators Union, Intersect, Minus •Aggregating data using group functions GROUP BY, HAVING •Creating Subqueries Single Row subqueries, Multiple row Subqueries •Transaction Control Language Rollback, Commit, Savepoint •Processing hierarchies Creating the Tree structure, LEVEL, CONNECT BY, OVER PARTITION •Data Manipulation Language INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE •Data Definition Language CREATE, TRUNCATE, ALTER, DROP, RENAME, DESCRIBE •Using Declarative Constraints Not Null Constraint, Check Constraint, Unique Constraint, Primary Key Constraint, References Constraint, On Delete Cascade, On Delete Set Null •Other Database Objects Views, Sequences, Synonyms, Indexes, Materialized Views (Syntax) – on commit, on demand, refresh timings, Oracle Jobs USER_TABLES, USER_TAB_COLUMNS, USER_OBJECTS •Database Security Object Privileges, Granting access to objects PL -SQL •PL/SQL Blocks Structure, Writing Anonymous Blocks •Variables Oracle Datatypes, TYPE and ROWTYPE declarations, Value assignments, Arrays •Control structures IF ELSE ENDIF statement, IF ELSIF ELSE ENDIF statement, LOOP END, LOOP statement, WHILE condition, FOR condition •Cursors Implicit and Explicit Cursors, Cursor Manipulation statements, OPEN FETCH CLOSE EXIT WHEN •Error Handling Predefined Exceptions, Non-Predefined Exceptions, User Defined Exceptions •Procedures Creating and Calling Procedures, IN, OUT & IN OUT Parameters •Functions Creating and Calling Functions •Packages Package Header, Package Body •Design Tips and Techniques Format of standard packages in an application, Spec and Body, NOCOPY hint ------------- theory •Triggers Database triggers, CALLing procedures from triggers, bind variables •Dynamic SQL EXECUTE IMMEDIATE, DBMS_SQL package •Oracle Supplied packages DBMS_OUTPUT, UTL_FILE •Collection datatypes Associative Arrays, Nested tables, VARRAYs

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