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ORACLE APPS Technical Online Training

                ORACLE APPS Technical Course Content

ERP Concepts
	What is ERP? 
	ERP Vendors.
	About Oracle Application & SAP.

About Oracle Application Projects
	Types of Project
	Implementation Projects.
	Up Gradation Projects.
	Supporting Project.
	Customization Project. 

Oracle Application Positions Hierarchies.
	Functional Consultant & Roles .
	Technical Consultant & Roles.
	Techno- Functional Consultant & Roles.
	Oracle Application DBA & Roles.

System Administration and Application Object Library (AOL) 
	Defining an Applications User and Assigning the Responsibilities.
	Understanding AOL and its Components
	Creating a Custom Application Module.
	Using AD_DD Package to register Database Component in AOL.
	Registering Custom Concurrent Programs based on Reports, Sql scripts, PL/SQL Stored   Procedures.
	Registering a Custom Reports in Oracle Application with or without parameters.
	Profile Option in Oracle Applications.

AIM Documentation Preparation.
	MD 70,CV 60, MD 120

Reports in Oracle Applications
	Introduction and Usage of USER_EXITS.
	Developing a Report from scratch as per Client Requirement.
	Developing a Report based on MD 50 Document.
	Customization of Oracle Standard Reports.
	Reports Registration Steps in Oracle Applications
	Standards to develop a report in Oracle Apps
	Styles of Reports and Parent-Child reports

Flex fields and Value Sets.  
	Flex Fields and Types of Flexfeilds
	Value Sets and Types of Value Sets.
	Usage of $FLEX and $PROFILE.

 Oracle Application Interface
	Inbound Interface
 About Interface and Scenarios. 
 Interface Tables and Error Tables
 SQL * Loader 
 Standard GL Interface and PO Requisition.
 Writing Validation Programs

	Outbound Interface
 Upload the data from Legacy System to Oracle Apps Tables
 Outbound Interface Using UTL_FILES
 Difference between Inbound Outbound

	Difference between Conversion / Interface.
	Item Conversion and Vendor Conversion.
	Interface Tables and Error Tables
	SQL * Loader
	Writing Validation Programs

Oracle Tools
SQL * Loader
	Register Control Files as concurrent Program.
	Sql *Loader Commands
	Uploading data into Oracle base tables
	Uploading data by using Fixed Format.

Forms in Oracle Applications.
	New Form Development Process
	Customization of Oracle Application using Standard Form.
	Creation of KFF & DFF
	Form Registration in Oracle Applications.
	Calling one Form to another Form by using Button
	Master-Detailed Forms
	Form Personalization in Oracle Applications.

Functional Concepts.
	Procure To Pay Life Cycles
	Functional Setups in GL, AP, PO, INV and AOL.

XML Publisher.
	Difference between XML Publisher Report and Oracle Reports 6i.
	About XML Publisher Report and Template Builder.
	Creation of New Report in XML Publisher
	Registration of XML Publisher Reports in Oracle Applications.

Oracle Discoverer
Discoverer Administrations.
	Introduction of Discoverer.
	Discoverer VS Reports.
	Creation of EUL 
	Defining a New Business Area .
	Creation of Folders & Custom Folders.
	Creations of Items.
	Creation of pages.

Discoverer Desktop
	Work Book Creation
	Creation of Work Sheet 
	Calculations, Defining totals.
	Defining Parameters.
	Multiple Parameters.
	Grouping The Records, Edit  Sheet , Invoking functions
	Joining Conditions with Tables in Discoverer.
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