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Datastage Online Training

Course Content:
Introduction to datastage Difference between server jobs and parallel jobs Difference between pipeline parallelism and partition parallelism Partition techniques (round robin, random, hash, entire, same, modules, range, DB2, auto) Collecting Techniques (Auto, sortmerge, ordered) Configuration file Difference between SMP/MPP architecture Data stage components (server components/client components) Package installer Data stage administrator: Creating project, editing project and deleting project Permissions to user Apt config file Environment variable creation, permission Data stage director: Introduction to data stage director Job status view View logs Scheduling Batches creation Designer: Introduction about designer Repository Palatte Types of links File stages Sequential file Dataset file File set Look up file set Difference between sequential file/data set/file set Data stages Dynamic RDBMS Oracle enterprise ODBC enterprise Stored procedure Processing stage: Aggregator Change apply Change capture Compare Compress Copy Decode Difference Encode Expand External filter Filter FTP Funnel Generic Join Lookup Merge Difference between join/lookup Difference between join/lookup/merge Modify Pivot Remove duplicates Slowly changing dimension Sort Surrogate key generator Switch Transformer Websphere TX Map Transformer stage Surrogate generator stage Join generator stage Merge generator stage Look up generator stage Debugging stage Head Tail Peak Row generator Column generator Sample Job parameters PARAMETER SETS SLOWLY CHAMGING DIMENSIONS Sequencer Importing the job Exporting the job Importing table definition Importing flat file definition Containers Difference between local container and shared container Local container Shared container

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