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Cognos TM1 Online Training

Course outline of IBM Cognos TM1 9.5.2 :
Introduction to Data Warehousing Introduction to OLAP OLTP Vs OLAP Types of OLAPs Data Modeling Dimensional Analysis Introduction to IBM Cognos TM1 Introduction to Cognos TM1 Describe the TM1 Architecture Describe the TM1 Components Different TM1 User Interfaces and Clients Discussing Installation Pre-requisites to Install TM1 Installing TM1 Configuring TM1 Create TM1 Servers Important Files in TM1 Creating Servers and Configuring them Logon to TM1 Server and browse sample data Create Dimensions Review cubes and dimensions Discuss Dimension Discuss Element Types of Elements Create dimensions manually Edit dimensions Using weights with elements Turbo Integrator What is Turbo Integrator Create dimensions using Turbo Integrator Create cubes using Turbo Integrator Using attributes Build Cubes and Views Discuss cubes and data points Create cubes Construct views of data in cubes Create and use a pick list Load and Maintain Data Create processes to load data Create a process to delete data in a cube Create processes to update the model Replication What is Replication Process of Replication Handling Replications Scheduling replications Add Business Rules Discuss a rule Construct rules for elements or consolidations Use functions in rules Optimize rule performance Discuss rules in a Rule Worksheet Optimize Rule Performance Optimize rule performance Use Skip check and Feeders Employ tools to enhance rules and feeders Transfer Data into Your Model Using Scripts Review Advanced tabs in Turbo Integrator Add a subset to a dimension Use logic in scripts Move data between versions Construct chores Customize Drill Paths Create a Drill Process Create a Drill Assignment Rule Using Rules for Advanced Modeling Discuss virtual cubes List uses for lookup cubes Create and use a spread profile cube Implement moving balances in a cube Convert Currencies Discuss currency challenges Create currency dimension Create currency cube Create rules for currency conversion Create and Deploy Planning Applications to the Web Create a Managed Planning Application Apply security to Managed Planning Applications Examine design techniques and best practices Security Creating users Creating Groups Examine diff type of access Assigning access to users and groups Define Workflow (Optional) Configure TM1 Workflow Install Workflow Create Workflow Versions Use Workflow Toolbars

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