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Course Cotent:
Introduction to Adobe Flex 3 (Module 1) * Understanding Adobe Flex 3 * Installing Flex Builder on Windows * Starting Flex Builder * Creating a Flex project * Touring through Flex Builder 3 * Building a basic application * Understanding the anatomy of an MXML application• * Understanding Flex application output files * Importing and exporting projects Understanding Languages in Flex (Module 2) o Understanding Flex programming languages o Translating MXML to Action Script o Understanding the Flex framework o Getting language and API help Flex Layouts(Module 3) o Vertical o Absolute o Horizontal Flex controls (Module 4) o Text controls o Data provider controls o Menu Based controls o Button controls o Button Bar controls o Alert controls o Numeric Stepper o Color Picker o Date controls o Image controls o H Rule / V Rule controls o List controls o Video Display o Progress Bar controls o Scroll Bar controls o Swf loader o Spacer Flex Controllers (Module 5) o Box, HBox, VBox o DividedBox, HDividedBox, VDividedBox o Form, FormHeading, FormItem o Canvas o ControlBar o ApplicationControlBar o Grid o Panel o Tile o Title Window Understanding Data Binding( Module 6) * Using {} * Using tag * Using [Bindable] Understanding Data Grid (Module 7) * Understanding ItemRenderer * Understanding ItemEditor Understanding and working with CSS (Module 8) * Inline CSS * Embeded CSS Flex Navigation Containers (Module 9) o States o ViewStack o TabNavigator o Accordion Working With Validaters (Module 10) o StringValidator o PhoneValidator o EmailValidator o CurrencyValidator o DateValidator o NumberValidator Working with Events (Module 11) o Understanding Event Life Cycle o Metadata events o Custom Events Working with XML (Module 12) * Getting data from xml * Getting Images from XML and display in TileList Working With Flex Data Services (Module 13) * HTTPService * RemoteObject Mini Project (Module 14) * Mini project , Walkthroughs and Practical Labs

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